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Bible tours when and where you want them!

Self-Guided Bible Tours – When and Where You Want Them!

Would you like to take a Bible Tour but your schedule doesn’t allow for it? Do you enjoy learning at your own pace diving deep into information as it interests you? Do you wish you could take a tour without being on Zoom?

Prepare for a tour experience perfect for any lover of the Bible, the Self-Guided Bible Tour!

Available tour:The Grand Creator“.

Have you ever taken an audio tour in a museum? As you examine pieces that interest you, you turn on your headset and listen to a tour guide explain its background in further detail. Museum Bible Tours has taken this idea to create a new and entirely unique way to experience a Bible Tour.

Designed in a “choose your own adventure” format, the tour is made to be explored. You are in control! The information you learn, the pace, and when you do it is completely up to you. Main chapters of the tour branch off where you can choose to learn more information as it interests you. However, you will not be alone! An expert tour guide will accompany you on your journey. All this in combination with stunning videos and engaging graphics creates an experience like no other.